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We provide an array of services to cater to your specific needs. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have

PC Hardware Repair
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Virus Removal
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Security Updates

Check out our amazing services and ship your device to us! It's that simple.

Complete Tune Up & PC Repair

A complete PC Tuneup including virus, adware, and trojan removal, computer upgrades, and computer speed up.

Laptop Rental with your repair

Rent a laptop while your device is in the shop. Keep your business moving with our amazing devices.

Protection for all your devices

Security for all your devices is installed before it leaves our care. We ensure you're protected everywhere.

A complete PC Tune Up including malware removal, computer upgrades, and improved PC performance.

Usually around $120

Go to Tune-Up & PC Repair

A complete & thorough PC diagnosis, with a full report on your computer, life expectancy of commonly failed parts and a recommendation of services that may be needed in the future.

Usually around $30-$35

When your computer is running slow, it most likely needs a tune up. Removing some junk files and freeing up memory and space usually solves the problem. In most cases, we can do this without you having to send us the device.

Usually around $45-$55

Go to Tune-Up & PC Repair

Computer running slow? Weird ads popping up while browsing the internet? Unwanted windows popping up randomly? You probably got malware infecting your computer. In most cases, this process can be completed without having to send the device to us. 

Usually between $40-$80

Installs hardware components into your existing device. This can include, but is not limited to, Hard disk drives, solid state drives, RAM, video cards, power components. 

Usually around $45-$150
*Price per component

Need a new hard drive? RAM? Video card? Power supply? or something else? We can do it and our parts come with a warranty other than the factory too.

Usually between $25-$300 

Can't seem to get that one pesky software to install, we can help. We'll run diagnostics on your device to see what's causing the hiccup. Need to reinstall an operating system? We've got you covered too.

Usually, software installs don't require you to send us your device, yayy! But with operating system installs you will most likely have to send us your device, if there is no operating system we can't communicate with the device on our end.

Usually $25-$150

Our Certified technicians will assist you in the setup and deployment of your wireless access and network infrastructure. Of course this cannot happen online but we will send a technician to your location to complete the installation. 

Usually $100+

We offer 1000+ different cloud services. From web hosting to email hosting and managed services.

Visit us at Admiresty Workspaces to view our Managed Services. Or you can also visit our web hosting platform at Admiresty Cloud.

If you need a laptop to continue working while yours is in repair, you can request a rental at the time of booking. These laptops will have general restrictions and you will not be able to install software. Let us know if you need a specific software installed and we'll make sure it's ready and available for you to use.

Usually $50-$75/week

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Join The Next Revolution.

Admiresty FixIt Subscriptions caps your labor rate at the subscription price. So essentially, you never pay more for the labor.

World-Class Service
Free Device Cleaning
Support & Maintenance
Smile 😁, get up to 14 labor-fee free repairs a month. All you have to pay for is parts & shipping. Enjoy Free Return Shipping and a 14-Day Warranty. Bonus! Get 20% Off Remote Repairs from OpenTech.
Amazing 😍 savings, get up to 28 labor-fee free repairs a month. For those tough jobs. Free shipping both ways. Enjoy a 14-Day Warranty and 40% Off Remote Repairs from OpenTech.
Mannnn 🙌 its electric ⚡, get a whopping 70 labor-fee free repairs a month with free shipping both ways. Enjoy a 22-day warranty with a $30 credit each month and 7 free remote diagnostics and 70% Off remote repairs.
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